What We Do

Our Process

At Medici Digital Services, we commit 100% effort of our full team to each project that crosses our desk. We prepare for every new client with in-depth, industry-specific research and apply our deep breadth of experience to provide the best possible service. Through collaboration with your team, we’re able to adapt our expertise and knowledge to fit your vision, resulting in a unique plan of execution that comprehensively addresses each of your priorities. Together, we can make your passion into reality.

Digital Marketing

The world of digital marketing is vast, incorporating everything from web development to content creation. With our expertise, we help you determine your ideal audience and how best to reach them and create a plan to take you where you want to be. Our digital marketing services include:

  • Content planning, creation and execution for all social media outlets (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.).
  • Copywriting for web, blogs, email & more.
  • Search Engine Optimization – Through rigorous keyword research, we can increase the number of consumers interacting with your brand.
  • Email marketing from conception to execution.
  • Website building and design

Conversion Rate Optimization:

If your goal is to guide your target audience to your site, MDS can help you rank higher and gain priority with a technical, data-driven approach to optimizing organic traffic.


Project Management

If you have your content accounted for, but find yourself overwhelmed with execution, our project management services can help you. Together, we assess your needs and find the best solution. The goal of project management is to improve your brand’s efficiency and enhance accountability. Ultimately, we aim to lighten your load by implementing targeted organizational solutions and streamlined processes. Our project management services include:

  • Market research and analysis
  • Streamlined processes
  • Enhanced organization
  • Improved accountability


Outsourced CMO:

Getting clicks is one thing, but closing on sales can feel like an impossible task. MDS can help you optimize your web sales funnel to make sure that a site visit results in a sale.

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