Brand Building Outside the Comfort Zone

Written By Hannah Bergeron

Does creativity pay off in marketing? The short answer: hell yes! Taking a novel approach to your marketing strategy is a great way to bring attention to your products and boost brand recognition. Sure, there are tried & true methods that can serve as a great foundation for your marketing – however, long-lasting success is built on getting noticed and maintaining consumer interest. The strategies might be timeless, but the tactics have to be unique.

The problem is that thinking outside the box has its risks, but don’t let the risk of failing keep you from realizing your full potential. Taking a risk and failing is just a learning opportunity. Remember, you always have the opportunity to make changes – don’t miss an opportunity to do something amazing!

Take some inspiration & check out these unique marketing ideas that we’re loving.

Hello TushyHello Tushy is a bidet company taking creative marketing to the next level. Their products are sleek, stylish and functional and their marketing is keeping it REAL. We’ve said it before, Hello Tushy is the best in the bathroom product category and there is no close #2. The days of gimmicky marketing and stock photos are long gone – follow @hellotushy’s lead and opt for bold visuals, a transparent mission statement and honest advertising. If they can do it while talking about poo, you can definitely do it too!

AerieAerie is a clothing company, born from American Eagle, that has blown us away with its inclusive, body-positive marketing. A few years ago, Aerie announced that they would no longer be retouching any of their photos, and committed to being more inclusive with their model casting and marketing efforts. Needless to say, they’ve delivered. They took a huge risk before the days of honest model imagery were popular. They’ve paired this promise with the hashtag #AerieREAL, encouraging other brands and influencers to limit their use of photoshop as well a ton of activist work. Check out their blog to see how to take your marketing campaign to the next level with content that MATTERS and work that makes a difference.

Ben and Jerry'sBen and Jerry’s has proven that, when genuine, sharing your purpose with an audience is powerful. For many brands, the 2016 presidential campaign radically changed the landscape of consumer awareness & marketing. Consumers are looking for ethical brands that make and keep promises in line with their own values. Ben and Jerry’s has successfully done just that by raising awareness about police reform, LGBTQ+ rights, the #BlackLivesMatter movement, and so much more, all while maintaining their funky, family-friendly branding. Combining the two takes a level of commitment and creativity that deserves some serious recognition!

Each of these brands is vastly different from the other. So what do they have in common?

  • They’re using creative marketing strategies to tell their stories.
  • They’re keeping it real with content that matters – no more fluff.
  • They’re committed to representation & diversity in their branding.
  • They care – each brand uses its platform to bring awareness to important issues.
  • They’re making it fun – There’s no doubt about it, each of these brands took a big risk getting creative or addressing difficult topics. But, pairing these conversations with fun branding and amazing products makes it a little easier to talk about it.

So lean into what makes your brand unique, stand by your values, and be afraid to get outside the box.