Connect with Your Audience: 3 Must-Haves for Your Email Marketing To-Do List

Write a marketing emailWritten By Aaron Yaniro

Haven’t been getting results from your email campaigns? Here are a few things to keep in mind before you hit send on that next newsletter or promo:

Segment your Audience with Cold and Warm Email Lists

Maybe you have a firm grasp of who your audience is, but do you know how they’re interacting with your website? One of the most powerful ways to optimize your email list is segmentation. Segmenting your audience helps reduce your impulse to write a blanket message and hit send. Instead, tailor your email campaigns for the individual – your message will hit harder and help you improve upon your relationship with the consumer.

Remember, the customer who visits your site every month does not need the same discount code as someone who’s just walked away from their shopping cart. Not differentiating between these two people could mean you’re leaving chips on the table. Creating buckets for your audience and tailoring your message to each will make a more robust connection with each visitor.

While it may be tough to identify who is who and take some time to set up, a refined messaging campaign will ultimately yield a higher open rate and better conversion.

Email Newsletters: Add a Welcome Series to your

A welcome series is your opportunity to let people know what to expect from your site, brand, and products. Your welcome series is a powerful tool to keep people engaged with your site and should be standard practice while creating compelling content for your emails. It sounds silly, but someone just gave you their email – take care of it.

A welcome series should incorporate 2-3 emails delivered over a few days to accomplish one task: Let people know what you are delivering. Otherwise, your consumers will be wondering why they gave you their email, followed by a swift unsubscribe. You need to answer this question before they have a chance to ask it and sell them on the value your brand adds to their life. These emails should be direct and concise, but compelling enough that your audience wants to read until the end.

Keep your Email Messaging short & simple

Fewer links = more value. Email marketing aims to say as much as possible with the least amount of fluff. Keep your message brief & to the point, limit your email to no more than 1-2 links and keep excessive imagery to a minimum. Overloading your readers will guarantee you a spot in their trash can, while too many links will land you right in the spam folder.

When it comes to email marketing, you should aim to leave your readers wanting more. You want them to feel compelled to click the link in your email and learn more about your offer. If you can incorporate these ground rules from conception to execution, you’re golden. Nail the subject line, bump up your open rate, get the content right, and maximize your site visits.

To learn how to maximize the reach and ROI of your next email marketing campaign. Reach out today for a consultation.